I woke up today thinking about the absurdity of the idea of a literal hell. Yep.
Happy Friday. LOL

For anyone reading this who is outside of the Christian belief system, let me give you a synopsis, with some commentary/thoughts interjected. According to the beliefs that I grew up with, there is an all knowing, all powerful being known as God. At some point, he created everything. I guess he was bored? Anyway, at some point, he created the earth and all the animals and plants and what not, along with the rest of the universe. And, somewhere in all this, an angel named Lucifer decided he wanted to be god. Well, god didn’t like that so he banished him and his crew to the earth. Out of all the billions of planets, why the earth? Lucifer eventually became known as, the devil. Then he created a man and a woman named Adam and Eve. Why did they need names? And why were they English names? Why not “grunt” and “snort”? And why are they always depicted as a white couple? Anyway, they lived in a paradise type place. Nice. God then created a tree and said, don’t eat the fruit of that tree. WTF? Well, they did because a talking snake (Lucifer) convinced them to. And then god kicked them out of paradise. Over the next 4,000 or so years, god and man kind had a weird relationship. He picked a favorite group of people and had them kill lots of other groups of people. And he gave them rules. Well, humans broke most of them. When you break the rules, this is called “sin”. To keep god from being pissed that you sinned, there has to be some kind of blood sacrifice. Yeah. I know. Oh, and at some point, he gets fed up with humans and floods the world to kill all of them except a handful who didn’t break the rules. And saved a male and female of every kind of animal by having them ride in a really big boat.

After the world was repopulated, people kept breaking the rules. So god decided to intervene by coming to earth in human form by impregnating a woman named Mary. Is Mary a common name in Israel? I know, I know, it’s a translation. Just trying to be funny. God in human form was named Jesus. According to what the Bible says, he was a pretty great dude. After 30 or so years, Jesus/god was killed as a blood sacrifice for all humans, because we couldn’t keep all the rules, but he did for us. That was really nice of him! Oh, and he came back from the dead and went back to heaven.

At some point in church history, it changed from a sacrifice for all humans, to only a group of humans who believed this happened and prayed a certain prayer, proving that they believed this happened. Also, a punishment was introduced for those who didn’t believe this happened. I guess the people who never heard that this happened were just screwed? The punishment is that you go to a place called hell after you die. Christians believe you don’t really “die”, you just keep living in another form. This place called hell is basically like a lake. Except the lake is made of fire instead of water. So you literally burn in this fire for all eternity. With no chance of ever getting out. Ever. Wow.

God really sounds like a sick fucker to create a place like that, right? Well, to make this idea more palatable, the idea is that hell was really created for the devil and his crew. But, if you don’t believe that Jesus died for your sins, and pray the prayer, well… you go there, too. And it’s your choice to go there because you refused the ticket to heaven. Which is where you go when you die if you believe the right stuff. It’s supposed to be a really nice place. So I’ve heard. But if the devil and his crew are created beings who will be tortured forever, doesn’t that make god a sick fucker, anyway? Oh, and at some point, Jesus/god will come back to earth and kick the crap out of the devil and all the people who didn’t say the prayer and they will all go to hell forever. Amen.

So, back to my thoughts about the absurdity of the idea of hell. If there is a god, and the Christian idea of god is true, then he is nuts. I mean, seriously. My belief is, if there is a god, and he is love (whatever you believe love is) and not nuts, then there is no way he would create a place like hell, knowing that the majority of all humans that have ever lived would go there. Let’s be realistic here. If you are born in a Muslim nation, chances are good that you will grow up with Muslim beliefs. Maybe never hearing about Jesus and the prayer you are supposed to pray. If you are born into a Buddhist nation, chances are that you will have Buddhist beliefs. And so forth and so on. So you have about 70 years to make a decision that will affect you for all eternity? Think about that? Eternity. That’s forever. It never, ever ends. And if hell is real, you burn alive, forever. And what’s the point? It seem like, after about 5 seconds in hell, you would be like, “Ok! I believe and I’ll pray the prayer!” And, how could a person who goes to heaven enjoy living there knowing that there are people in hell. Probably some friends and relatives. Are people going to be like, shew, I’m glad I’m in heaven and not in hell. And then just enjoy themselves forever? And how could people who believe in hell not spend every second of their lives warning people about this horrible place and telling them how not to go there? Even the most zealous believers that I’ve known don’t do this. Maybe at the core of who they are, they know there is no hell? I don’t know?

All this being said, I no longer believe in a literal hell. That belief also makes me question the validity of the traditional view of heaven. But I’ll save those thoughts for another post. Peace out, y’all.