So many ideas, so little writing.

I’m sure I’ve said something like this before, but one problem with reading several books at once, is that there are often several ideas going on in my head at a time.  And I start to write about one, or maybe more than one idea that relates to another, but then kind of grind to a halt.  Could be some kind of block?  Could be that I’m not allowing my mind to be quiet on a more regular basis?  Or maybe too many differing ideas and opinions going around up there?  Whatever it is, the end result is the same.  Fewer blog posts.

So just a short one today.  I finished reading The Tao of Pooh for a second time.  Really enjoyed it this time around.  It’s interesting how you can read something at one time and be like, huh?  And then read it again later and things kind of click.  I also recently finished The Alchemist.  I know it’s considered to be good, and well respected, and has probably encouraged a lot of people.  But I’m at a place where I was like, huh?  Yeah, I just couldn’t put it all together.  I’m still reading The Wooden Bowl.  Very good.  Also Nothing To It.  Very good.  As is my habit, I also started reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.  I’m really enjoying it so far.

As far as things I’m putting to practice in my daily life, as I wrote about in my previous post, it’s still just paying attention to what’s going on now.  Sticking with basic mindfulness.  So if I get up to walk down the hall, what does it feel like when my feet hit the floor.  Or the feel of the a/c as I walk by a vent.  Etc.  I did read something about mindfulness lately that I thought was pretty funny.  The author was saying that he can be in the middle of enjoying something like a beautiful sunset.  Then he becomes aware or mindful that he is enjoying a beautiful sunset.  Now he is no longer enjoying the sunset, he is aware that he is/was enjoying the sunset.  LOL  It really can seem like a mind game!  I read something in The Wooden Bowl recently that will fit nicely here.  He was talking about basic meditation.  Sitting, counting the breaths.  In breath, out breath, one.  In breath, out breath, two.  Do this to 4.  If you make it to 4 without your focus being broken, start again at one.  If you lose count, start back at one.  He said that some people get so focused on the counting that they kind of forget about the breath.  The counting is just something to help the mind slow down so you can focus on the breath.  Eventually, you will be able to follow the breath without the counting.  I really like that.  It’s like the mindfulness practice of noticing what is going on.  In the beginning of mindfulness practice, it’s helpful to notice or be aware of what is going on in the present moment.  Eventually, you can drop the noticing of you being in the moment (like dropping the counting of the breath), and just be in the moment.  Cool.  🙂

Hopefully more soon.


One thought on “So many ideas, so little writing.

  1. I’m trying to figure out how to get your blog delivered to my inbox…hmmmm.

    It’s just nice to hear someone else say they thought the Alchemist huh? very trite and surface to me, which is fine, but I was mad that I bought it! lol..


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