Ah, life…

Hello all.  I’m working on a couple of posts that I just can’t seem to get my thoughts together on.  Maybe I’m reading too many books at once?  Too busy?  I’m not sure?  One topic that I’m hoping to write about soon is whether or not we have a soul.  By “soul” I mean an eternal version of ourselves.  Tolle talks a lot about watching the thinker.  I take that to mean that the watcher is the soul part of us and the thinker is what many call the ego.  Other authors write in a similar fashion about living from the “real you” or your essence or spirit, etc.  Then there is the idea that what you see is what you get.  You are just you.  There is no separate you from your body/thoughts/feelings/experiences.  Often, on many topics, I find myself leaning towards the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh.  At the bottom of the page, I will put a link to a Facebook post that I found that I like.  The topic is reincarnation, but it covers the “soul” question while discussing it.  I have been kind of flip flopping back and forth on this for a while.  And that’s ok!  It’s the whole, shifting beliefs thing.  I’m not sure that there is a way to be completely sure of which view is more accurate.  It’s quite possible that I’ll never completely land on one side or the other.

I am also recovering for a bit of a health scare.  I spent a day in the hospital for the first time in my life!  The staff was wonderful, but I really don’t ever want to do that again.  LOL  And the kicker is, we still aren’t 100% sure what the issue is.  More tests next week.  My doctor did say that it all could be stress related.  I didn’t realize how long I had been putting in 60+ hours a week until my wife reminded me.  3 years!  Yikes.  So now tell myself that I can get a whole lot more work done in 40 hours than I can if I’m dead!  🙂

Back to the too many books at once.  I’m currently reading “The Exquisite Risk” by Mark Nepo, the 3rd Harry Potter book, “Nothing to It” by Phap Hai, and “The Wooden Bowl” by Clark Strand.  I think this weekend will be mostly The Wooden Bowl and Harry Potter.  Nothing too deep.

The Wooden Bowl is a simple take on meditation.  I really like how the author approaches it.  He says meditation should be a hobby, not a career.  He said that he likes it best when people say that they meditate just because they enjoy doing it, rather than trying to change themselves some way.  I’ve had a couple very enjoyable sittings in the last few days while approaching meditation with this kind of mind set.

My family and I will be traveling over this Thanksgiving weekend to see my parents and sister.  It should be a good time to be had by all.  If you are celebrating Thanksgiving with family, I hope that you have a safe, drama free holiday.


If you are interested in reading the TNH post I mentioned, here it is.