Another interesting thing about having this Buddhist author come and stay with me (see previous post) is that he is vegan and gluten free.  He insisted that my family not change our eating habits just because he was staying with us.  But he also said that if we wanted to try some vegan dishes, he would be happy to cook.  So, we took him up on it.  Except for a couple meals at a vegan restaurant, he bought all the groceries and did all the cooking.  And it was wonderful!  He was a really good cook.
One thing that struck me after just a couple of days of eating this way was how good I felt.  It wasn’t a super drastic change, but overall, I felt good.  I never felt heavy after a meal, but was full.  It was kind of nice.  So, just as an experiment, I’ve continued to eat this way (mostly).  Finding vegan and gluten free food that tastes good, or that you can season properly, has been a little bit of a challenge.  And I’ll tell you, the cheat meals that I have eaten have tasted fantastic!  LOL  But on the flip side, even though the meals tasted good while eating them, I usually feel like crap later on.  It’s been interesting.  I had some Udon vegan/gluten free soup today.  Kind of a ramen noodle thing.  Eh.  I probably won’t buy that again.  But the white rice, black beans, mushrooms, and red onion concoction I had earlier was really good.  So, sometimes the meal turns out good, sometimes not so much.  But I’m learning what I like, so that’s cool.
My son jokes with me about the change in eating habits.  With a cheesy, over the top southern California voice, he will say something like, “Vegan isn’t a diet… It’s really more of a lifestyle.”  Or he will ask if I talk to everyone I meet about being a vegan.  I heard someone say, “How do you know someone is a vegan?  They will tell you.”  LOL  Hopefully that doesn’t offend any vegans out there.  But it’s often true!  🙂
Now, if I can just not drink on the weekends, I’ll bet that I will feel even better!  That will be the next phase of my food/drink experiment.  I’m certain it will make a positive difference.  It’s just about doing it.  Heck, so far, I’ve lost a decent amount of weight and I’m sleeping better.  Just that much is really great!
If anyone reading this has any vegan/gluten free food suggestions or recipes or anything like that, I will gladly accept them.  🙂
Oh, and I found out that Ben and Jerry’s makes gluten free ice cream.  And it’s really good!  Cherry Garcia.  Oh yeah.
Until next time, I hope you and yours are doing well.