A little brain fried

Somewhere along the way, I got in this habit of reading multiple books at once.  When I say, at once, I mean that I’ll start a new one before finishing the current one.  Right now, I’m reading “Nothing Personal” by Nirmala, “The Wisdom of Insecurity” by Alan Watts, I’ve read about one chapter of “After Zen”, and I’m working on getting through the second Harry Potter book.  This would explain my current brain fried-ness.  LOL

It’s mainly the Alan Watts book that is frying my brain.  There have been a couple books along my journey that have challenged me to think differently.  But, after the initial “whoa” wore off, I realized that there was usually a commonality between that book and others that I have read.  Alan watts, for me, is a whole other level of “whoa”.  I enjoy reading a blog called Church of the Churchless by Brian Hines.  He had mentioned Watts several times and had recommended a couple of his books to me.  I enjoy reading his material and listening to some of his recorded lectures on Youtube.  He has a great accent!  But if you asked me to explain the book that I’m reading, I don’t think I could do it.  I’ll be reading that one again.  But maybe not right away.

I’ve noticed some interesting changes in myself in my search for a spirituality that makes sense to me.  I almost said, in my search for truth.  But truth is a funny thing. I’m not sure what ultimate truth is?  I used to think I did, but not so much now.  So that leaves me with relative truth.  Things that I no longer see as true doesn’t mean that those things are not true for other people, just like they were true for me at one point.  So I try to be careful about judging others beliefs.  Anyway, back to things that I’ve noticed.  One thing is that I don’t feel like I have to be right.  I don’t know to what degree I felt I had to be right, but I know it was there.  That, and I’m not afraid of being wrong.  I am sure that both were based in fear.  As I type this, the terms right and wrong don’t seem… right.  I’m not sure why, they just don’t.  Another change, like I said in my first post, is that I’m getting more comfortable with not having concrete beliefs.

So, here I am, brain fried, and I think that is OK.  It’s probably good for us to have our minds blown on a fairly regular basis.  🙂




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