What’s it all about?

That is a good question.  🙂  About the time we think we have it figured out, things change.  Our situations change, our perspective changes, our beliefs change…  I chose Shifting Beliefs as the title for this blog.  It just kind of came to me and seems good at this time.  I looked up the definition of “shifting” and it means, changing, especially unpredictably.  That is a great description of where I have been for a while!  And that is ok!  In fact, it can’t be any other way.  The only constant in this world is change.  Many of us don’t like change.  LOL  We want certain things to stay just the way they are.  Well, that’s a lot of disappointment waiting to happen.  I’m sure we will get more into this later on.

A quick background.  I was born in the mid-south here in the US, to a white, middle class family.  I grew up in the mid-west with evangelical Christian beliefs.  Went to college, got married, and had children.  Along the way I also attended a Bible school and wound up going into Christian ministry.  Which was all great!  Well, mostly great.  🙂  Because of various reasons, I started asking myself, “why do I believe what I believe”.  I studied, I prayed, I contemplated, and studied some more.  When what I was seeing caused some of my beliefs to shift, it was scary!  There weren’t many people around who I knew that were seeing the things that I was.  (Hopefully this blog will help someone out there in a similar position like blogs I found at the time helped me.)  I found and started reading material by Wayne Jacobsen.  Wow!  Great stuff.  Not too long into this stage, a friend in another state who was on a similar journey, a little further down the path than I was, recommended a book called “Living Buddha, Living Christ”.  Again, wow!  Then some Eckhart Tolle, more Thich Nhat Hahn, Nirmala, Alan Watts…  You get the idea.  I spent a couple years going to a Buddhist monastery on Friday nights for meditation and some teaching.  I found that many of the eastern teachings were not really “religious”, but it was more of a way of thinking.  I learned ways of dealing with life that I had not been exposed to before.  Mindsets that can benefit anyone, regardless of religious beliefs.

So, you may ask, where does that put my current beliefs?  I really don’t know.  LOL  And that can be an unsettling thing for a perfectionist like me!  I like concrete beliefs with labels and everything.  Well, as the blog name suggests, my beliefs are shifting, sometimes from day to day.  And I have no idea what kind of label I would put on myself.  I’m actually starting to settle into that a little and getting more comfortable with not knowing.  The thought just came to me that if I’m getting more comfortable not labeling myself, maybe I will put fewer labels on other people as well.  Hmmmm… interesting.

I’m not interesting in debates.  It seems that I have many more questions now than answers.  I’m never going to say that I’m right, and you are wrong.  I’m hoping to share things that will help others along their journey, and learn things from others to help me.  We are all in this together.  Life can be hard.  It’s nice to help lighten others burdens instead of adding to them.

I’m looking forward to this blogging adventure.  🙂


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